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Space Savers Inc. has a variety of cellulose based spray ADC products available to you. Check out our product list below, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. A member of our team will be more than happy to assist you.

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Quick Cover ADC is a blend of cellulose fiber mulch and a binding agent that forms a slurry when mixed with water. The mulch is manufactured from recycled fiber stock (mixed papers) and the binding agent is a synthetic tackifier. Quick cover is packaged in 50-lb. plastic bags, with a nominal bag size of 12"x15.5"x36". Pallets typically contain 35 or 40 bags, depending on shipping constraints.

Quick Cover-LT is a spray slurry ADC similar to Quick Cover, but is manufactured without adding water, reducing its moisture content to 7%. That means 200 lbs. more fiber for every ton or 10% more ADC for the money compared to other cellulose ADCs. Quick Cover-LT is packaged in 32 lb. bags and contains water soluble dye packs.  Pallets contain 40 bags and shipment sizes are 880 bags on a standard flatbed or 960 bags in a box van.

Quick Cover Plus and Quick Cover-LT Plus are similar to Quick Cover and
Quick Cover-LT, but include a fire retardant additive for those facilities that desire added fire protection or to satisfy regulatory requirements.

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